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About Us

Our supporters

Partnering with leading law firms and legal teams

We are proud to partner with some of the biggest and best legal teams and law firms in the UK and Ireland, to offer our members some of the finest career opportunities open to apprentices, students, graduates, trainees and Associates.

Founding members

We have been collaborating with a number of leading law firms and amazing companies since our inception; they all saw the value in championing the cause of diversity within their organisations, for the benefit of the legal profession and everyone within it. Without them, Aspiring Solicitors wouldn't exist today.

A-Z of our members

We have grown our list of partners to include large law firms, banks, management consultants, media companies, government departments, legal industry bodies and more. We’re delighted that more and more organisations are seeing the value in a more diverse legal sector, and have decided to join us in making that goal a reality.

Bringing the legal profession into a new era

Help us to drive more diversity in the legal sector, so firms can access talent from under-represented groups and better serve their diverse markets.