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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Luke Daniels

Luke Daniels

Personal Injury Partner, and Chair of IM Equal
It is great to be a part of a law firm that is inclusive and supportive of the diversity of its employees. We have a number of different diversity groups which have co-ordinated a huge number of national initiatives over the past 12 months and it is fantastic to see that recognised and shared across all offices.

Diversity at Irwin Mitchell:

We have a Gender diversity group, Disability networking group, LGBT group, Social Mobility group, a group to raise awareness about the racial and religious diversity of our employees, and a group to discuss issues related to age.

IMRespect. Our group raises awareness about the racial and religious diversity of our employees, clients and communities; ensuring that everyone treats each other with respect while celebrating our differences in faith and ethnicity.

IMPowered. Our gender diversity group considers and raises awareness of the issues faced by female employees. As a Group, we are committed to tackling gender equality and responding to the issues women face in the workplace.

IMAble looks at the challenges faced by people working with a disability Our IMAble disability networking group has highlighted areas where we can provide greater support and assistance to employees and clients with disabilities. Our aim is to encourage people with disabilities to be confident in discussing the challenges they face, while understanding the ways we can make their time at IM easier and more enjoyable.

IMEqual which supports our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) colleagues. Our IMEqual sexual orientation group raises awareness among employees and within our communities on LGBT issues.

IMAspiring. This group looks to encourage social mobility; providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of their backgrounds. We are proud to support PRIME, an alliance of law firms and legal departments across the UK tackling social mobility issues in our sector.

IMAge. In 2016 we re-launched IMAge, our networking group established to discuss issues related to age, including the differing needs of people at various stages of their careers. The group looks at issues such as flexible working and the changing needs of employees as they reach different life stages.

Firm Quote On Diversity:

At Irwin Mitchell, people are at the heart of all we do and we understand the individuality and diversity that our people bring is one of our biggest assets. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive working environment where everyone can flourish and support our clients to the best of their combined abilities.