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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Aksa Asad

Aksa Asad

Trainee Solicitor
When I was applying for training contracts, Baker McKenzie, above all others, struck me as a place that is truly passionate about diversity & inclusion and was a key consideration of why I joined the firm. Since joining, Baker McKenzie has formed a relationship with the social mobility programme I was part of and have hired more candidates from the same initiative. I have been amazed by the breadth of work that is taking place to give effect to a truly diverse workforce and there’s always opportunities to get involved. I have taken part in various events and campaigns which seek to drive a change in the way we do things from the top down, reinforcing Baker McKenzie’s commitment to replicating our global footprint in our employees.

Diversity at Baker McKenzie:


BakerEthnicity was the first diversity focus group in London, formed in 2006, to address under-representation at all levels of the firm.  The group is chaired by a Partner sponsor and has 4 distinct areas of consideration – creating a community; career development; events and external engagement; and recruitment.   All our fee earning population and business services colleagues are encouraged to join and participate in the discussions to improve our awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by many diverse groups. Specifically the group is leading on a number of innovative approaches to make us more inclusive and to promote a culture of openness when discussing race and ethnicity.  We launched our colour brave conversation in 2017 and a our mentoring circles will be rolled out across the firm in 2018 with consideration for an additional reciprocal mentoring framework.

BakerLGBT & Allies

BakerLGBT & Allies promotes lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans diversity within the London office.  Specifically, the group supports recruitment, business development and networking opportunities for people to discuss LGBT+ issues and for allies to explore further opportunities to engage and support.  We’re proud to be ranked 6th in Stonewall’s Top Employer index for Workplace Equality and highly commended as a Stonewall Top Trans Employer.

Baker Opportunity

BakerOpportunity is our social mobility employee group established in 2011 to increase access to the legal profession from those from a lower socio-economic background.  The London office is a signatory to the Social Mobility Business Compact, which encourages support for local communities and schools, including mentoring opportunities and access to role models in-house.  We are actively promoting our opportunities through our partner organisations, offering internships, work experience and informal networking.  We are the pioneers in Contextual Recruiting, ensuring name blank and school blank shortlisting to ensure our processes are de-biased.


BakerWellbeing allows Baker McKenzie to reinforce the importance of implementing workplace health and well-being initiatives.   We’re committed to creating a culture that supports and encourages healthy lifestyles and are focused on our four pillars to maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance including mental resilience; diet; exercise; and health.  We organise a range of in-house learning and support opportunities that address mental health and managing long term health conditions including an incredibly successful This is Me campaign which profiles role modelling stories.  Equally, we offer a range of interventions that consider a whole raft of well-being measures that we can share as development and learning support collaboratively with our clients too.


BakerWomen is committed to ensuring that Baker McKenzie plays a key role in gender-related matters in the workplace.  Specifically, we are signatories to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and have launched an incredibly successful internal campaign in support of the UN HeForShe campaign with over two thirds of our male partners in our London office signed up as Ambassadors.  We have introduced a number of positive action measures to ensure that we build a representative and balanced workforce of the future, working towards our global gender targets.  Additionally, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we’re working together to proactively engage in shared business leadership to progress gender balance across our Firm and in all that we do.

Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory

Partner Inclusion, CSR & Pro Bono

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Our aim is to attract, retain and develop diverse talent and to provide an office environment where people can be themselves and succeed, whatever their background. We are proud that Inclusion & Diversity is a core part of our strategy in London and globally.