Internal Diversity Networks:

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Rob Powell

Rob Powell

Associate and AS Professional Ambassador
Ever since I joined Bristows, as a trainee, I have been given the opportunity to get involved in and assist with furthering the firm’s diversity efforts. Our Inclusion Group, which is made up of members of the firm from all levels and all departments, is truly committed to increasing diversity and ensuring equal opportunities not just at Bristows, but in the wider legal profession as a whole. Our aim is to ensure that anyone, from any background, feels welcome and appreciated at Bristows and is given the opportunity to thrive and advance here. The open, friendly and genuine non-hierarchical atmosphere at Bristows is conducive to fostering a diverse environment. Improving diversity is recognised at the highest level as being of crucial importance – not just in creating a more interesting and diverse workplace, but also in ultimately achieving a stronger, more successful and more innovative team.

Diversity at Bristows:

The Inclusion Group

Bristows established its “Equality and Diversity Committee” in 2007, with the aim of championing equality of opportunity and diversity in all aspects of the firm’s business. Committee members include a number of partners, associates of all levels, secretaries and business support staff. While having a diverse workforce is key to success, making sure that everyone within the firm feels included is also an important factor, so the committee re-branded to become “The Inclusion Group”. This refreshed focus on the inclusion of everyone at Bristows was launched in 2020 and has offered a new lease of life to the activities that members of the Inclusion Group organise across each year. In the past year, recent events hosted by the group have included: “The forgotten black history within Britain”, celebrating the first 100 years of women in law, a panel discussion of inclusive feminism, a virtual privilege walk and a panel discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The Turing Network

The Turing Network was formed in 2007 and was the firm’s first employee network group. Named after Alan Turing, this network aims to provide a safe space for all LGBT+ partners and employees to support each other and for allies to show their commitment to inclusion in relation to LGBT+ issues. The network offers role models, peer support and mentoring for LGBT+ people working at Bristows and also works closely with external LGBT+ groups to progress equality for all within the legal sector. The network runs a vast array of independent and collaborative events throughout each year that raise awareness of current topics within the community, celebrate the unique identities within the community and offer support to the wider community.

The Women’s Network

The Women’s Network was officially launched on International Women’s Day 2020 and, with the support of both our female and male partners, works to drive equity and opportunity for all genders within the workplace. The work at Bristows to empower women in the city started more than 20 years ago, when the firm appointed the first female Joint Managing Partner of a City firm. With more than two thirds of the Bristows workforce identifying as female, this network will work for years to come to progress equality for all in the legal sector and across the city as a whole.  

The Working Families and Carers Network

The Working Families and Carers Network was launched in 2020 and created a space for all working parents, guardians and carers to offer and receive support throughout all stages of parenthood, managing caring responsibilities and maintaining a successful career.  The network created a vital space during the pandemic for our working parents and carers’ voices to be heard as they juggled working from home with the loss of their typical childcare and caring support infrastructure.  Recent initiatives created by the network include peer-to-peer support for maternity returners and guidance for supervisors of those with caring responsibilities.

Wellbeing at Bristows 

The firm’s wellbeing programme has grown tremendously over the last few years and has now culminated in the creation of Wellbeing Champions within the partnership.  The annual programme of wellbeing events support the physical, mental, community and financial wellbeing of our people, which has been a vital part of supporting everyone at Bristows since March 2020.  The wellbeing programme has an opportunity or activity to suit everyone and can give you the time to focus on your wellbeing, so you can be your best self for your family, friends and colleagues.  The firm also has a growing team of Mental Health First Aiders, in addition to regular training on Mental Health awareness for all.

Charlotte Erskine

Graduate Talent and D&I Manager

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Bristows has maintained a positive attitude and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion since appointing the first female Joint Managing Partner in the city over 20 years ago. Working in a firm where a truly diverse workforce can thrive and reach their full potential is paramount to operating successfully and we recognise the wealth of knowledge and experience that every individual who joins us, or works with us, can bring. The firm is known for being friendly, approachable and collaborative, and it is of utmost importance that every person feels included as their authentic self at Bristows.