Internal Diversity Networks:

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Joseph Sako

Joseph Sako

NQ Associate
Bristows couldn’t be further from what you would expect from a typical law firm. When people are thinking about starting a career in law, they often think that they need to conform to the stereotype. Bristows is a place where differences are not only embraced but celebrated. We appreciate that employing people from different backgrounds and varying interests creates a far more interesting environment and one where you are able to thrive. Everyone at the firm is encouraged to ‘bring themselves to work’, where being geeky is cool and events that draw attention to the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion are commonplace. At Bristows the only thing you are judged on is your attitude.

Diversity at Bristows:

Diversity Committee

Bristows established its Equality and Diversity Committee in 2007. The Committee is responsible for championing equality of opportunity and diversity in all aspects of the firm’s business, with committee members including partners, associates, secretaries and business support staff.

The Turing Network

The Turing Network is the internal forum for LGBT partners and staff. The network offers role models, peer support and mentoring for LGBT people working at Bristows and works closely with the Diversity Committee to suggest ways in which Bristows can demonstrate its commitment to LGBT equality and diversity. Named after Alan Turing, a mathematician and pioneer of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, the network is also open to anyone in the firm with a particular interest in supporting the network as an ally.

Amanda Rose

Head of HR

Firm Quote On Diversity:

We’re very proud of our long-standing positive attitude and approach towards diversity and inclusion at Bristows. A fully inclusive approach at all times is absolutely key to how we do things. We want to ensure that all our employees enjoy life at the firm and feel valued and included such that they can fulfil their full potential.