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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Meenakkhi Bhattacharyya

Meenakkhi Bhattacharyya

Trainee Solicitor
The firm prides itself on its engagement with diversity and there is a genuine atmosphere of inclusivity, which actively engages the workforce and helps us further our understanding of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’. A variety of committees, focusing, in particular, on gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, disability, mental health and religion, belief and ethnicity and the firm’s commitment to social mobility programmes further reinforces the commitment to widening access. Participation from all levels of the firm in each of these initiatives results in a firm-wide ethos of inclusion and helps create a space where everyone feels welcome. There is a real appetite for making sure everyone feels seen and heard, as seen recently in the response to global issues and events, with inclusion labs and action groups being set up to respond to the challenges society faces and determine how an international law firm can help. As a trainee you are considered just as much a part of the firm as any employee, and all are encouraged to develop initiatives we feel passionate about. Whether it be events celebrating religious festivals or a firm wide focus on mental health awareness, there is a drive to both celebrate and cultivate diversity.

Diversity at Charles Russell Speechlys:

LGBTQ+ and Allies

It is important to us that we provide an inclusive environment where everyone within our organisation can feel comfortable being who they are. Our LGBTQ+ and Allies Committee plays an active role to help ensure we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for our LGBTQ+ colleagues and clients.  Our initiatives and engagement to support the LGBTQ+ communities saw us secure a space in Top 25 of the legal sector in the last Stonewall Equality Index.


The Gender Committee help to support the ‘Achieving Balance’ programme which specifically looks at different initiatives to support an increase in our gender balance in Partnership and leadership roles.  The Committee is also focused on identifying initiatives to encourage wider engagement, inclusion and development for all genders.

Religion, Belief and Ethnicity

The Religion, Belief and Ethnicity (RBE) Committee plays a key role in supporting our ‘Race Action’ initiative which is specifically focused on improving our ethnic diversity within the Firm and encouraging a greater representation within the profession.  They also focus on raising awareness and help to identify ways in which the firm can better support colleagues from different religious, racial and ethnic communities.


We do not see disability as a barrier to an individual’s success.  As a signatory to the Valuable 500 we are committed to ensuring disability inclusion remains on the agenda and actions/initiatives are undertaken to provide better support, inclusion and awareness for colleagues, candidates and clients who are living with a disability.

Mental Health and Wellbeing is a major focus for our firm, particularly as the difficulty of recent months has shed light on the strains suffered by many.  We have over 60 trained mental health champions and first aiders in place and continue to promote training and initiatives to raise awareness, encourage conversation and to ensure everyone knows where and how to access the appropriate support.  As a signatory to the Mindful Business Charter we are committed to remove unnecessary workplace stresses and promoting best working practices.

Social Mobility

Our Social Mobility Committee is our newest committee and will be contributing to our social mobility strategy, in particular helping to develop our flagship Career Start Talent Pipeline Programme which provides five years’ contact and support to Year 12 students.  Our commitment and initiatives relating to social mobility saw us achieve a position within the Top 75 of the Social Mobility Index 2020.

Carer and Family Networks

These Networks are important for our working carers or working parents.  They provide an opportunity to meet and share experiences with, or provide support to, other colleagues from across the Firm who may have been through similar experiences or who have a mutual understanding of some of the benefits/challenges of being a working carer or working parent.


Julia Dalton

Julia Dalton

D&I Manager

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is at the heart of our business; it is a key element of the Firm’s new business strategy and is driven from the top.

We have a number of firm initiatives in place and have recently formed two new Leadership Groups to help drive this strategy forward.  Our commitment is not only to improving our diversity; equal importance is placed on continuing to ensure we offer an inclusive work environment where everyone feels able to be bring their true self to the workplace and where everyone feels they are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.  Our active and engaged D&I Committees play an important role in supporting the Firm’s D&I strategy.