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Ghislaino Kamdo

Ghislaino Kamdo

Trainee Solicitor
Coming from an ethnic minority background means that you can often feel disadvantaged compared to others due to the lack of representation. For me, it made parts of my journey into commercial law daunting. I felt unequipped and apprehensive about my skills and experience, despite the fact that I met most of the entry requirements for commencing a career in law. However, joining White & Case has enabled me to identify and understand how being from an ethnic minority background offers its own unique strengths. This has really helped me to develop my personal brand and to distinguish myself. White & Case is dedicated and committed to diversity and inclusion, which is a true reflection of the Firm’s global footprint and presence. At White & Case, an individual’s differences are acknowledged, respected and encouraged so that we can utilise these differences to best serve the Firm’s clients across a multitude of jurisdictions.

Dipen Sabharwal

Partner and Chair of London Diversity Committee

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Diversity is a top priority at White & Case.  We understand that building diverse teams of lawyers enables us better to solve complex problems for our clients.  We have received widespread recognition and many awards for being a diverse law firm and we are proud of what we have achieved so far.  But we are not resting on our laurels.  More work needs to be done to make our firm as diverse as the society around us.  We are committed to meeting that goal and I am confident that we will do so.