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Anna Hart

Anna Hart

Getting to know people who are from different walks of life and who have varied life stories is very important to me. Learning about other people’s backgrounds, cultures and general life experiences means I am less rigid in my thinking and approach and more able to see things from another perspective that may be different from my own.

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Being an international law firm with offices across the globe provides opportunities to work with a really diverse group of people, both as colleagues and as clients.  It’s not just our network of offices however, it’s the interconnectedness of the Firm that our people, and our clients, emphasise again and again.  Diversity and inclusion is a core value of our Firm and our lawyers and other staff members are globally-minded, enterprising, collaborative and committed to excellence.  In my role as Sponsor of the London Spectrum LGBT + and Allies Network and as a London Diversity Committee member, I am conscious of the importance of involving everyone in the dialogue to create an inclusive workplace.