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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Henna Malik

Henna Malik

I came across Aspiring Solicitors whilst at university with a two year old baby and no connections to the legal industry. Aspiring Solicitors made it clear to me that it was possible for a mother of a young child to succeed in the legal sector, I just needed the right experience and coaching, which is exactly what Aspiring Solicitors gave to me. When I met a representative of Trowers & Hamlins at the Manchester Law Fair, I immediately knew that this was somewhere I wanted to be because of how proudly the firm spoke about inclusivity, diversity and work-life balance. Having a diverse workforce brings together multiple ideas and approaches which can lead to delivering novel and creative solutions for clients. We live in a diverse society and it is important to reflect that in a profession that has largely been the domain of an elite group of people. I think Aspiring Solicitors and firms like Trowers & Hamlins are leading the way in ensuring that the legal profession is more open to people from different backgrounds, for example non-standard family arrangements.

Diversity at Trowers & Hamlins:

Religion and Belief Network

The Religion and Belief Network promotes awareness, knowledge and acceptance of all strands of religion and belief within the firm. We do this firstly, by inviting volunteers from each of the UK offices to join the Network. The Network is, as a result, made up of T&H personnel with wide-ranging faiths and is a fascinating representation of the diversity of faith and religion that exists across the firm. The Network engages with the wider firm and promotes religion and beliefs issues by way of articles written by both Network members and others, Lunch and Learn talks given by both internal and external speakers and by raising awareness of religious festivals and promoting national events such as Interfaith Week. We have also created a mentor arrangement. It is our ultimate aim to foster across the entire firm an understanding and acceptance of the various religions and beliefs which exist, not only within Trowers but more widely in society and the way in which those religions and beliefs are expressed, as part of the firm’s wider focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

LGBTQ+ and Allies Network

The LGBTQ+ and Allies Network champions the needs of the LGBTQ+ community both inside and outside of the firm. The network is open to everyone in the firm, not just those who identify as being LGBTQ+. Our mission is to raise awareness and remove any barriers which discriminate against, limit or alienate LGBTQ+ individuals. The LGBTQ+ network is also committed to providing support to enable employees to report homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and harassment.

We are privileged to work in a firm which is open to, and inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals. Both in the UK and internationally many individuals cannot be open about their sexual orientation and identity in the workplace.

We recognise that building and retaining a diverse workforce is core strength of our organisation and the right thing to do, but it is also good for the business as many of our clients and prospective clients recognise the benefits of a diverse, inclusive and open workforce.

Members of the LGBTQ+ and Allies Network represent the firm at relevant events including those organised by Stonewall, Freehold, Interlaw Diversity and Interbank. By increasing our presence at industry events and through our communications we help to demonstrate diversity is important to the firm and in turn we hope to help recruit and retain the best talent.

Age & Ethnicity network

Trowers, like many employers, employs staff across a wide range of ages from those just entering the workforce, to those nearing retirement. The firm’s international reach to the Middle East and Asia further expands the firm’s ethnic diversity in the UK. The Age & Ethnicity network focuses these areas to both acknowledge the different perspectives and experiences that exist between generations and to continue to build on Trowers ethnic diversity nationally and internationally.

Our Age goal is to ensure, that generational differences do not create rifts or silos, but that the wealth of this diversity allows us all to benefit and learn from our colleagues, whatever age we and they are, leaving no colleague undervalued by reason of their age.

For Ethnicity, we want to go above and beyond our desire to see a level of ethnic diversity in recruitment which is representative of the clients and communities we work with; we also want to see and celebrate the potential of ethnically diverse colleagues unlocked and promoted to benefit the person, the firm and its clients and to be a positive role model for the individuals and businesses that we come into contact with.

Gender, Work and Family

The Gender, Work and Family network exists to provide greater engagement and supplement the work of the wider equality and diversity group. By working together with other networks, we monitor and review the firm’s approach to equality and diversity to ensure the firm is doing everything it can to maintain a diverse and inclusive working environment.

We have arranged events, both internal and with outside speakers, looking at issues relating to flexible working and balancing work and family responsibilities.  We were successful in arranging for the firm  to join Cityparents, an inclusive network for City professionals who have a shared interest in balancing family life with a progressive career.  The firm has paid for corporate access for all staff and partners in the UK

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The Physical & Mental Wellbeing Network aims to support, encourage and promote wellbeing and disability awareness (whether mental or physical) within the firm.

We want to promote understanding of disabilities and wellbeing issues in the workplace context, to remove any perceived stigma and barriers that might be faced. The firm is very much an open and inclusive environment, but we can all make an effort to better understand one another.

Our activities aim to compliment the work that HR and the Mental Health First Aiders are already doing in terms of wellbeing and disability awareness and support. We are working with HR to increase the avenues of support and knowledge of wellbeing within the firm.

Social Mobility

The Social Mobility Network focuses on one of the key barriers to the legal profession: social class. A recent report by the Social Mobility Commission has found that those from middle class backgrounds are 80% more likely to enter professional careers than their working class peers and, even where those who are less advantaged do enter into professional careers, they still earn on average 17% less than their middle-class colleagues. Our mission is to raise awareness of these issues and to remove any barriers which exclude people from the profession or otherwise discriminate, alienate or limit those individuals in the workplace.

We are proud to work in a firm that celebrates people’s diverse backgrounds and champions learning and development for all staff. However, many of the inequalities in our society are entrenched at school, so we partner with national social mobility programmes and schools to educate those from disadvantaged backgrounds about the profession and encourage the best talent to pursue a career in law, regardless of their background. We do this, primarily, by attending school careers’ events and national student conferences, offering work placements to students and participating in Q&As. We have also had a number of lunchtime talks to raise awareness internally. Over the last year, we have been involved in a number of fantastic events and initiatives, including Aspiring Solicitors, ThinkLaw, The Girls’ Network, Manchester Youth Zone and Realising Opportunities National Student Conferences.


The International Department is looking to promote the Trowers Includes ethos across the International offices. We will be doing this through internal and external events and initiatives. We would like to promote cultural diversity and the sharing of backgrounds and experiences within the International Department’s multicultural teams.

Helen Randall

Partner, Chair of Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Firm Quote On Diversity:

We are proud (but not complacent) of how diverse and inclusive we are as an organisation. This has come about because our partners recognise that for our firm to continue to grow successfully, we must recruit and value the best talent from among a rich variety of backgrounds and identities. Our relationship with Aspiring Solicitors is based on this premise and we are delighted to be a founding Affiliate Partner of an organisation that shares our ethos and is committed to widening access to and diversity across the legal profession.