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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Alanood Sinjab

Alanood Sinjab

Trainee Solicitor
Diversity in the workplace is about creating a space where everyone feels comfortable coming into the office and just being themselves, no matter what their story. It is a way of fostering the realisation that, despite what appear to be differences between us, we in fact have so much in common. I remember feeling that way during my vacation scheme at Mayer Brown and shortly after when I joined as a trainee. It was important for me to find a law firm that valued the diversity in its people and provided opportunities for that to flourish. I have been able to do just that as a steering committee member of some of the London diversity and inclusion networks – the Fusion Network and Women’s Network. Through these positions, I have helped lead honest conversations on race and ethnicity, contributed to internal publications on diversity and inclusion issues and participated in some exciting social mobility and outreach projects with other colleagues. All of this speaks to the firm’s commitment to widening access to the profession and creating a platform for its own lawyers to help shape and animate that objective – it has been so fulfilling to be part of this at such an early stage in my career.

Diversity at Mayer Brown:

Women’s Network at Mayer Brown

Our mission statement is that no woman at Mayer Brown experiences obstacles to her position at Mayer Brown because she is a woman.

The network provides a forum (which is open to everyone, regardless of role or gender) for engaging with women inside the firm and within our client and contact organisations and ensuring that our mission statement is reality.

To that end, the network has set some objectives to work towards:

  1. Women at Mayer Brown will be confident that they have the full breadth of career choices and options available to them;
  2. The Women’s Network will be defined, understood and appreciated within the firm, with the benefits of gender equality in the business recognised and quantifiable, including in respect of reduced staff turnover and increased profitability;
  3. The Women’s Network in London will be strategically aligned within Mayer Brown globally;
  4. The Women’s Network will have good external exposure and interaction with clients, eliciting positive client feedback in respect of the firm’s diversity; and
  5. Mayer Brown London will have overtaken other sectors on gender diversity, including having increased the number of women partners in the London office with greater female representation in leadership roles.

Previous network events include a launch party exploring the question of what gender equality means to you, a Sheryl Sandberg TEDTalk event on the subject “So we leaned in…now what?” and a Q&A with a panel of inspirational senior Mayer Brown women sharing “The Path to Leadership: In Their Own Words”.

Fusion: BAME Network

Fusion has been established to represent those from diverse ethnic minority backgrounds within the London office. As our BAME network, it aims to represent the views of all members equally and be a valuable addition to the Firm’s other diversity initiatives that are currently in place. It is a fully inclusive network that gladly welcomes the involvement and support of all Mayer Brown staff and clients.

The main objectives of the network are set out below

  1. Positively contribute to the cultural identity of the Firm so that it becomes known as a place that welcomes all diverse groups of people including those from ethnic minority backgrounds.
  2. Create a nurturing and actively supportive environment that enables ethnic minority groups within the Firm to access the help they may need in order to thrive in their careers and in their personal development.
  3. Engage in discussions on diversity related issues being considered by the Firm to support the development of fully considered thoughts and ideas.
  4. Celebrate and bring greater awareness of the rich, diverse cultural mix within the Firm to further promote inclusion and, importantly, engagement between all staff.
  5. Connect with our local community and be a flag bearer for young aspiring professionals to show that a person’s race or ethnicity is no barrier to achievement.
  6. Seek opportunities to collaborate with other diversity and inclusion networks within the Firm.

Previous network events include a launch party in February 2018 to celebrate cultures from around the world and share future goals and plans.

LGBT+ @ Mayer Brown

The London LGBT+ Network provides opportunities for all LGBT+ staff, and allies, to meet, support and interact with one another, and for diverse role models to be visible within the office. It also organises events – including a major client event each year – aimed at raising awareness of issues affecting LGBT+ individuals and thus improving the lives of colleagues and of other people in their lives.

The London LGBT+ Network has approximately 200 Allies within its membership. These Allies provide crucial support to our LGBT+ colleagues by showing them that the office is an inclusive environment and that they do not need to be fearful of being themselves at work. Many firms can only talk of supporting LGBT+ colleagues, but our Allies programme is tangible evidence that we do.

The main objectives of the network are:

  1. Mentoring and support for individuals. Ensuring that there are appropriate role models.
  2. Creating networking opportunities for both lawyers and non-lawyers internally and with our clients.
  3. Acting as a representative (feedback) body on firm policy, for example, to ensure that there is no unintended impact on LGBT+ people.
  4. Marketing and community engagement initiatives

To support us in achieving our objectives, the Firm’s corporate membership of Stonewall provides access to up-to-date research and best practice through its work with employers and other organisations. We are also a member of Interlaw, a forum for the LGBT+ networks in law firms and legal personnel

Recent events have included an evening with Nigel Owens, international rugby union referee, an evening with Charlie Condou and Diversity Role Models, an organisation which actively seeks to combat homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in UK schools, and a lunch event with Gendered Intelligence on Trans Experiences.

Sally Davies

Sally Davies

London Managing Partner

Firm Quote On Diversity:

We are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment at Mayer Brown and employ a variety of measures to help us attract, recruit and develop diverse talent. Unconscious bias training, blind CV recruitment, mentoring and our work with diversity organisations all play an important role in our progress towards this goal. In 2015, we were also the first City law firm to introduce an alternative route to qualification for those who do not wish to pursue a traditional law degree. With greater diversity, we will have unlimited access to the talent, insight and solutions that our clients need and greater inclusion will enable our people to realise their full potential, whatever their background, gender, circumstance or age.