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Keily Blair

Keily Blair

Director, Regulatory and Commercial Disputes
In a diverse and competitive world, we need to make sure that we can bring the best talent to our clients, regardless of characteristics such as race, gender or social background. In order to do this, we need to make diversity part of “business as usual” within PwC. We have continued to focus on embedding diversity across our business, including our Legal Network, and make sure that we have measures in place to track our progress. For instance, our business leaders are accountable for setting and delivering gender and ethnicity targets. Our Diversity Data Explorer allows you to compare our diversity performance on gender, age, ethnicity and working pattern by employment grade. We believe that to unleash human potential you need to have a positive and action focused diversity programme. This helps us to attract, develop and retain the high performing, diverse people that we need to provide value to our clients.

Diversity at PwC:

Our Global Values

With more than 3,200 lawyers in over 90 countries, we have one of the most extensive legal services networks in the world. Our multi-disciplinary approach means you could find yourself working alongside other advisors within PwC – such as Tax Advisers, Management Consultants, and Accountants. The wide range of expertise we expose out employees to is what makes PwC a really exciting place to launch your career. Your career is that; yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities. That’s why opportunities are at the heart of a career with us. Opportunities for you to grow as an individual, to build lasting relationships and make an impact in a place where people, quality and value mean everything. Our values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave. While we come from different backgrounds and cultures, our values are what we have in common. They guide how we work with our clients and each other, inform the type of work we do, and hold us accountable to do our best. They govern our actions and determine our success. Our values help us work towards our purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems. The trust that our clients, communities and our people place in PwC, and our high standards of ethical behaviour, are fundamental to everything we do. Our values underpin our Code of Conduct, which is our frame of reference for the decisions we make every day. It’s how we do business.

Our Diversity Networks

We have set gender and ethnicity grade pool targets out to 2020 across all Lines of Service; our partners are accountable for setting and meeting the targets and there are financial consequences attached.

Inclusive Leadership – designed to create an inclusive culture with inclusive leaders who feel responsible and accountable for creating an inclusive culture and achieving our gender and ethnicity targets. All Partners will have completed training by end of 2018 helping them understand why change is required, exploring the concepts of ‘the level playing field’ and ‘fairness’, identifying the barriers and enablers to creating an inclusive culture in their Business Unit and recognise it is their problem to solve.

Progression Coaching – our active talent management programme for high potential female and/or Black, Asian and minority ethnic (“BAME”) Senior Managers and Directors, designed to provide structured support and guidance in areas that will support progression.

Reverse Mentoring – aims to make leadership more open minded to different ways of working. Partners/directors are mentored by female/ BAME managers supporting inclusive leadership by providing insight/ perspectives on work, career, and life.

#ColourBrave Advocates – senior leaders in the business, of all ethnicity and skin colour, who are people you can speak with, to raise concerns about everyday practices or personal experiences which they feel are unfair or confusing. The Advocate strives to behave inclusively, role model inclusive behaviours, inspire and empower people to be themselves and to be successful at PwC.

Equal access to work allocation and career enhancing roles – we report quarterly on who is working on key client accounts, and who are in career enhancing roles, by ethnicity and gender. This is reported on quarterly and proactive steps have been taken to ensure that the mix is proportional and that succession planning now considers ethnicity and gender.

Everyday Flexibility’ – our change campaign on how, where, and when our people work (informal flexibility) and includes ‘reimagining’, our premises strategy to create spaces and environments that offer a variety of workplace options.

Kevin Ellis

Chairman and Senior Partner

Firm Quote On Diversity:

The diversity of our people is our strength and creating an environment where all of our people can flourish, whatever their background, is critical.