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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Phil Cerny

Phil Cerny

Trainee Solicitor and Trainee Representative on the Diversity & Inclusion board
Taylor Wessing's commitment to diversity goes hand in hand with the progressive nature of its culture and client base. Recognising that a meritocracy is not just a strategic objective, but a responsibility, our firm-wide diversity agenda is brought to life by the personal efforts of senior leadership and trainees alike. We have six inclusion networks focussing on gender, cultural diversity, LGBT+, social mobility, disability & wellbeing and working parents, which are overseen centrally by our Diversity & Inclusion Board. Our internal projects, such as our anti-racist allyship programme and reverse mentoring scheme, are complemented by external partnerships with some of the most exciting and innovative organisations in the diversity space. Of course, we are delighted to see our efforts recognised by our ranking as a Stonewall Top 100 Employer, as well as our awards and shortlistings, including winning "Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative" at the People in Law Awards. My own background as a foreign national and mature career changer from a low-income household provides plenty of room for sticking out. Nonetheless, ever since my first interaction with the firm, I have felt surrounded by like-minded people and have fit right in.

Diversity at Taylor Wessing:

Balance in Business

Gender balance is one of the Firm’s strategic priorities with the goal to achieve better gender balance in partnership and in leadership roles across the firm. Our Gender Plan builds on the work already taking place within the firm to promote gender equality. Our leadership teams regularly review our plan to achieve better balanced leadership, optimise talent retention, improve modern working practices and enhance our clients’ experience. Our Balance in Business Network works to ensure we level the playing field so gender isn’t a factor for career success. On top of challenging perceptions when hosting discussions and client round tables on key issues, the network recently sponsored the unveiling of a new piece of artwork at the Supreme Court celebrating 100 years of women in law.

Cultural Diversity Network

Increasing the representation of people from minoritized communities at Taylor Wessing is one of the Firm’s strategic priorities.  Our cultural diversity network was established so that we can learn from each other and celebrate different cultures. It works to encourage more individuals from diverse backgrounds to enter into the legal sector and remove any barriers they face to achieve their goals and aspirations. Racism and racial injustice have no place in our world. We all play a crucial role in making progress, and our commitment to working with diversity platforms enables us to find more and better ways to do that. It’s through working closely together, we can continue to collaborate and challenge the prejudice and privilege which stops us reaching our goal of a fairer and more equal society.


We’re committed to providing a workplace where people can be themselves and where their talent can flourish no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. EqualiTW, our LGBTQ+ and allies network run a dedicated programme of support and initiatives throughout the year, as part of our commitment to LGBT+ inclusion. The network’s activities help out people learn more about key issues and increase support for the LGBT+ community. We are proud to be ranked in Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers for the third year in a row. In 2020 we placed 51st among all UK employers, and in the top 10 of top law firms on the list.

Wellbeing Network

Maintaining a positive approach to disability, mental health and wellness in the workplace is of huge importance to us. Central to this is a commitment to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and supporting everyone’s general wellbeing. Our Wellbeing network helps to raise awareness of visible and invisible disabilities, creating an accessible and safe working environment and to promote wellbeing initiatives as a way of preventing the onset of physical and mental health conditions. The network helps to host regular sleep clinics, yoga classes, lunchtime learning with qualified doctors and psychologists as well as other events through the support of 65 mental health champions and first aiders, as well as access to the Headspace app. In November 2019, we won the new entrant category for the FT and Vitality’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace for medium-sized companies, and continue to put the health of our employees as a priority.

Social Mobility Network

Our social mobility network works to improve access to the legal profession through school and student outreach. Your potential, ability and talent – not your socio-economic background or schooling – determines your success at Taylor Wessing. We open up opportunities in the legal sector and make talented people of all backgrounds feel welcome, along with supporting a number of powerful initiatives. We’ve recently signed up as a partner of the 93% Club.  We’re proud of all of our Social Mobility programmes and the impact they have on participants and our business.  By supporting the 93% Club we hope to make our talent even more diverse, build their confidence, increase their knowledge of the range of careers in an international law firm and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Firm Quote On Diversity:

Inclusivity is a top priority at Taylor Wessing and a dedicated objective in our business strategy. We are committed to delivering an inclusive culture and a progressive environment, where we empower all of our people to lead, learn and grow. Our people perform at their best when they bring their full selves to work, which is why we have a number of active employee network groups, driving initiatives. These include: gender, LGBT+, social mobility, disability & wellbeing, working parents, and cultural diversity.