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Equity, diversity and inclusion: the key to unlocking talent

What sets one law firm apart from their competitors is their staff. Promoting difference, meritocracy and inclusion will positively impact the service provided to clients and ultimately the direction of the firm.

Who we are

Aspiring Solicitors is the largest and most successful legal diversity focused organisation in the UK. We are a legal talent discovery and development platform, helping leading law firms and in-house legal departments to access and assist the best up-and-coming aspiring solicitors and current trainees and associates. Our wide reach and services help our members gather the right combinations of skills, knowledge and the right mindset to ensure that they are ready to thrive in their legal careers.

Actions speak louder than words

Our results speak for themselves. Thanks to the coaching and mentoring services they have access to, our members stack up very favourably against other candidates; they are eight times as likely to obtain a training contract offer with one of our partner law firms, compared to non-members, and nine times as likely to get offered a place on a vacation scheme.


training contracts

With our help, you can boost your chances of securing that first step on the legal career ladder.


legal mentors

Our legal professionals know first-hand what it’s like entering the profession from a non-traditional background.


AS members

Join the biggest diversity-based network in the legal profession, and kick-start your career with our potential-enhancing services.

The benefits

We help law firms and in-house legal teams to access and develop the most talented aspiring solicitors (and junior lawyers) from under-represented groups:

  • by helping our members to prepare for successful applications, interviews, vacation schemes and training contracts
  • by providing opportunities to law firms to engage with our members
  • by increasing the confidence and skill sets of our members to know they belong in our partner law firms
  • by assisting, developing and nurturing junior lawyers who have already started their legal career.

Partner with us

Aspiring Solicitors supports law firms and in-house legal teams with their D&I objectives. Our services are bespoke, so please get in contact via our Contact Us page with your enquiry and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Talent development

Discover and support the best diverse talent in the legal market.

"We want to identify the very best talent, whatever their background. Working with AS has been a fantastic means for us to tap into that talent." - Jonathan Angel, Graduate Recruitment Partner, Dechert

Brand and marketing

Deliver campaigns that resonate to drive engagement and applications.

"No other platform has the reach across the UK legal market, the marketing benefits are significant." - Marin Daley, Senior Marketing Manager, LexisNexis

Data and insight

Discover how your firm is tangibly progressing in Diversity & Inclusion.

“Data is fundamental in driving our inclusion and diversity strategy. We collaborate with AS to analyse data through our attraction and recruitment, whilst working strategically to develop our diverse talent.” - Chloe Muir, Head of Emerging Talent, BCLP

Partnering with us FAQs

What is Aspiring Solicitors?

We are a social enterprise that works with employers to deliver free initiatives to nurture and develop diverse talent to become successful lawyers.

Which organisations work with Aspiring Solicitors?

All AS partner organisations can be found here: we work with law firms, in-house legal teams, education providers and any organisation eager to support us in empowering diverse talent.

How can Aspiring Solicitors help a law firm?

AS has worked with law firms to transform their talent attraction and ED&I results, across all four main underrepresented groups, with partner firms seeing an average of 43% of their intake represented by AS Members involved in initiatives such as coachingmentoringvirtual diversity law fairs and workshops.

I work in-house, how can I support Aspiring Solicitors?

AS delivers initiatives such as mentoring schemes and work experience with many in-house teams. Contact us for information about creating this type of scheme.

What is the fee to partner with Aspiring Solicitors?

We deliver bespoke initiatives with partnering organisations, contact us to learn more.

Law firms

We have been collaborating with a number of leading law firms and blue-chip companies since our inception; they all saw the value in championing the cause of diversity within their organisations, for the benefit of the sector and everyone within it.

Help us to drive more diversity in the legal sector

If you are interested in partnering with AS, please email us with details or your objectives and goals in DE&I. We will be delighted to hear from you and will respond promptly to arrange an introductory call.