Internal Diversity Networks:

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Joe Akwaboa

Joe Akwaboa

Trainee Solicitor
Diversity is acceptance, inclusion and respect of all the qualities that make us unique. In today’s society and business world, diversity is at the forefront. Diversity is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds, working styles and experiences.

Diversity at RPC:


Individuality, inclusion and mutual respect matter to our culture at RPC and the allies@RPC network seeks to ensure that everyone can come to work as themselves and not feel that they have to hide any part of who they are.

RPC Rain

Inclusion and diversity is key to the culture here at RPC. RAIN (Respect, Appreciate, Include, Nurture) is our LGBT+ network and we seek to promote the interests of the LGBT+ community and ensure the firm is an inclusive, welcoming and supportive space for everyone.

RPC Inclusion & Diversity Workstreams

Individuality. Inclusion. Mutual Respect.

People are always at the heart of everything that we do. And that is critical to our success.

Every person at RPC should feel welcome, valued and confident they’ll achieve their career objectives and that is imperative to us. We also know that if we foster an environment where everyone can be themselves, our business will proposer and so will our client relationships.

We’ve put into place a number of initiatives and development programmes to not only support our people as they progress through their careers, but to also ensure that our population is as reflective of society as possible. This includes our Inclusion & Diversity Workstreams; Caring Responsibilities, Disability, Ethnicity, Faith, Gender, LGBT+, Mental Health & Social Mobility). Each Workstream is led by a senior champion and has a diverse range of representatives.

Rachel Street

People & Talent Development Director

Firm Quote On Diversity:

The ability to attract, develop and retain high calibre people lies at the heart of RPC’s culture and its future business success. We want our workplace to be one where everyone feels welcome, respected, valued, and included so that they can succeed professionally and contribute fully to life at RPC. It makes business sense; it encourages innovation and creativity, and it strengthens relationships with our clients.