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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Priya Bansal

Priya Bansal

Trainee Solicitor
There is a real genuineness from all levels of the firm to ensure that Travers Smith is an open, diverse and supportive place to work. Not only do the firm’s senior members actively engage with the firm’s working groups, such as our LGBT+, Black Asian and Ethnic Minority or Gender Balance Groups, but they also encourage an atmosphere of inclusion and supportiveness that filters down into all aspects of Travers Smith’s workplace

Diversity at Travers Smith:

LGBT+ Group

The LGBT+ group plays an important role in helping create an inclusive workplace. It does this by providing a welcoming and supportive space for people to discuss issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, and to influence the firm’s approach to diversity and inclusion more broadly. It is an open and inclusive network for members of the LGBT+ community as well as their friends and allies. Since its inception, the group has organised a variety of events, both internally and in the wider community, and has provided a number of LGBT+ organisations with meaningful support to progress LGBT+ inclusion more broadly. The group is led by Daniel Gerring (Partner, Head of Pensions).

BAME Group

The BAME group is open to everyone with an interest in issues relating to individuals from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background. Focussing on race and ethnicity, the group aims to build awareness, foster relationships across the firm, share best practice and build links with the wider community (including schools, universities and businesses). Led by Mahesh Varia (Partner, Head of Incentives and Remuneration) the group is comprised of, and very much open to people from across the firm, including lawyers and business services.

Gender Balance Group

The Gender Balance Group’s aim is to inspire change and continual progress in gender equality for all our people as well as our clients and the wider community and to ensure that we all feel a sense of ownership in helping create a more inclusive workplace at Travers Smith. The Gender Balance Group strives to be fully inclusive and its events and initiatives are open to everybody at Travers Smith, regardless of gender or role.

Some of the main aims of the Gender Balance Group are to:

– celebrate and promote positive role models

– explore the role of men and women in creating an inclusive workplace

– provide our people with opportunities to share experiences through informal peer group networking

– connect with our clients and the wider community to explore opportunities for collaboration on gender diversity issues

– generate opportunities for professional development to help build a more diverse talent pipeline at Travers Smith

– generate discussion about professional and personal successes and the leadership journeys provided by inspirational role models from the firm and wider society.

The group is led by its Chairs, Lucie Cawood (Partner, Private Equity) and Huw Jenkin (Partner, Dispute Resolution).

Kathleen Russ

Kathleen Russ

Senior Partner, Chair of D&I Board

Firm Quote On Diversity:

We are proud to be a firm where driven, intelligent and engaging people from diverse backgrounds can enjoy themselves and be successful; working together with trust and respect in a collaborative and non-hierarchical environment. Our goal is to help one another realise our full potential and to offer everybody who works at the firm the opportunity to have a rewarding and fulfilling long-term career