Aziz Deen

Aziz Deen

Trainee Solicitor
TLT’s focus on diversity was a significant factor in influencing my decision to train with the firm. During my induction week, the other trainees and I were given an introductory session by the firm's dedicated Equality and Diversity Officer who then led me to the firm's multi-faith room which I use daily for my midday prayers. I was also invited to join the Equality and Diversity Forum, which I have found to be an incredibly useful platform to further change and development within the firm. We discuss and implement initiatives relating to age, disability, gender, health, race, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic empowerment. In the wider profession it is clear that there is still yet some way to go, but no doubt with increasing awareness this can, and will, be achieved.

Diversity at TLT:

TLT appreciates that the legal sector has work to do in the area of social mobility and is particularly keen to make a difference to the firm’s and the sector’s progress in this area. We believe doing so will deliver a more innovative and creative approach to the law and in turn the solutions available to its clients.

Statistics consistently demonstrate that a more diverse and inclusive workforce results in better financial performance for organisations, it is also the right thing to do.

TLT has a portfolio approach to social mobility and is focused on reading attainment in the very young, mentoring schemes to aspire those young people reaching exam age and then working closely with Aspiring Solicitors to work young individuals and graduates who have decided on a career in the law. We aim to make a difference in the key stages of a young person’s education.

To make a difference and reach the individuals who need the most assistance it is important to work with the right community partners. We have been working with our partners for a considerable amount of time and are proud of these relationships. For example, our relationship with Aspiring Solicitors has seen a really notable increase in the diversity of vacation scheme participants and we are confident that this year we will see a strong conversion rate from vacation scheme to training contract for Aspiring Solicitors members.

In addition to our long-standing schemes, we are also just about to approach our second year of working with the Social Mobility Business Partnership, which helps us to fulfil our Prime commitments. We have also confirmed to take more students this year to increase the impact of this scheme and look forward to meeting these students in due course.

Whilst social mobility is a core focus at TLT we also celebrate and champion other areas of diversity. Our active employee Equality Forum is keen to promote and assist with our other diversity initiatives, for example, our deaf champions, developing our relationship with Interlaw in London, Kings College Women in Law events and promotion of our faith rooms.

Tanya Williams

Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Advisor

Firm Quote On Diversity:

TLT is proud to say that it is on the journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Whilst TLT appreciates there is always more work to be done they have set firm foundations with flexible working practices, family-friendly policies, anti-discriminatory policies, regular equal pay reviews, disability diversity training, e-learning and so forth. TLT has dedicated resources in place for diversity and TLT’s Equality Forum is actively promoting diversity within the firm ranging from international women’s day’s events, mental health awareness events and building links with LGBT+ organisations. Diversity and inclusion is multi-faceted but is a challenge that TLT enjoys and welcomes.