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Internal Diversity Networks:

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Ross Howells

Ross Howells

Trainee Solicitor
Since joining Clyde & Co, I have noticed the firm making a concerted effort to address the gender inequality that has prevailed in the legal industry to this day. Gender Equality at Clyde & Co (“GECCO”) is a programme which is designed to explore and promote opportunities for employees, both male and female, who would otherwise be disadvantaged due to traditional gender-biased management and business structures. Examples include promoting flexible and agile working, supporting working parents and providing gender-specific mentoring and training. The GECCO committee meets regularly and actively encourages engagement from all employees, irrespective of seniority. It is GECCO’s varied composition, much of which is formed from junior employees, which facilitates innovative solutions and the bridging of generational differences in team management. Most recently, Clyde & Co celebrated International Women's Day. To commemorate the occasion, GECCO arranged numerous events across a week which were intended to further its cause and raise awareness. One of the fully subscribed events saw Cath Kidston share her story of overcoming significant adversity to become the successful business woman she is now.

Diversity at Clyde & Co:

The aim of GECCO (Gender Equality at Clyde & Co) is to achieve equal outcomes for everyone by providing useful and relevant support to each employee, no matter at which point they are at in their career. This includes support for working parents, skills development and training, opportunities for promotion, flexible working arrangements and supporting the growth of internal networks. We also host events throughout the year, most recently celebrating International Women’s Day where our senior partner, Simon Konsta, hosted a panel session that included Cath Kidston to discuss how we can all press for progress towards gender equality. This is a key area of focus for the firm.

Wellness & Disability
The aim of Wellness & Disability is to promote and achieve a supportive work environment and raise awareness of mental health and disability initiatives at Clyde & Co
As a part of our broader Global Diversity Initiative, Clyde & Co aims to be recognised as an employer who values and supports employee health, wellbeing, and equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities.
As a firm, we promote and support general employee wellbeing and welfare because we understand the pressure that comes with balancing everyday working lives.
Similarly, we want to become an employer of choice for people with disabilities, because we see this as an important means of attracting talent, enhancing diversity and innovation and connecting with clients from all backgrounds.

Pryde & Co 
Pryde & Co is the firm’s diversity and inclusion network for LGBT+ colleagues and their straight allies. Its aim is to provide a support network within the firm and to educate our friends and colleagues about the issues facing LGBT+ people today.
In order to deliver the support network set out in our mission statement, the network hosts regular events throughout the year to coincide with the LGBT+ calendar. We also reach out through regular communications to raise awareness of the LGBT+ community as a whole and the issues faced today. Monthly meetings are held to monitor the network’s progress, discuss future projects and to socialise. As the network develops, we hope to engage with the wider community through supporting LGBT+ charities and initiatives, participating in public LGBT+ events, and collaborating with our clients LGBT+ networks.


ACED stands for Achieving Cultural and Ethnic Diversity at Clyde & Co and our aim is to do just that. Having a diverse workforce allows for diversity of thought. By supporting and developing those from different backgrounds, experiences and skills, regardless of race or religion, we ensure that our business continues to be innovative and creative.
ACED is a relatively new network for Clyde & Co and, in order to achieve our aims, we are working with organisations such as Aspiring Solicitors, of which we are a founding member, in order to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Andy Dent

Andy Dent

Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion

Firm Quote On Diversity:

At Clyde & Co we view diversity and inclusion as critical to the success of our business and have created a working environment where people from different backgrounds feel supported and included. The firm wishes to attract, develop and retain a workforce that is diverse and representative of the communities we work in. This requires us to promote and share an inclusive culture for all our employees, where everyone feels respected and has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the business. Our partnerships with various diversity programmes, and the work we do via our Graduate recruitment programmes, are just a few examples of our commitment to ensuring diverse talent succeeds. In addition, the dedication and engagement of our employee networks are key to ensuring our culture is one that encourages and supports everyone at Clyde & Co.