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Internal Diversity Networks:

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David Berman

David Berman

Associate - Litigation Banking, Finance and Regulatory
The firm is a real champion of diversity and inclusion. A&O also values individuality, so when you come to work you are expected to be yourself and the culture here is supportive of that aim. A&Out raises the profile of LGBT lawyers, so that people can choose to be open about who they are when they join the firm. When entering the corporate world, as much as 40% of LGBT students don’t feel they can talk openly about who they are and that is simply not the culture here at A&O. My experience as a gay man – and one who is very much out and proud – has been unbelievable. I expected the firm to be quite conservative but that’s simply not been the case. I’ve felt nothing but warmth from my colleagues and completely accepted for who I am.

Diversity at Allen & Overy:

Diversity Network 1

A&Out- A&Out is our global network both for staff that identify as LGBT+ and staff that want to support and promote the equality of their LGBT+ colleagues (our allies). Globally A&Out has over 100 LGBT+ members and over 700 allies. The purpose of A&Out is to encourage diversity and to offer support and networking opportunities to A&O staff. The network also focuses on contributing to the business of the firm by developing new client relationships within the LGBT+ community and strengthening existing ones. A&Out members participate in networking events with clients and other law firms and regularly host their own events.

Diversity Network 2

Women’s networks

We have active women’s networks in many of our offices to support the development and promotion of women in the firm and provide a forum for networking both internally and externally with clients. Many of our women’s networks are also open to men, and we encourage their participation.

Diversity Network 3


A&O recognises that it can be challenging to juggle work with parenting and caring responsibilities. Several of our offices have families’ networks that run events aimed at supporting parents and carers. The aim of the networks is to provide useful support, information and advice to all staff who are current and future parents and carers.

Diversity Network 4

Inclusive A&O (London)

Inclusive A&O was set up as we appreciate that every trainee arrives at A&O with a different set of life experiences and we want to ensure that we are supporting diversity in our trainee population. The purpose of this network is to give trainees the opportunity to connect with those a little further ahead in their career who will provide advice and support.

Hannah Rolph

Hannah Rolph

Graduate Recruitment Manager

Firm Quote On Diversity:

At A&O we recognise that people are different, in ways that we can see and was that we can’t. A key consideration for us is to ensure that we are broadening access to the profession and recruiting from all diversity strands. In 2016 we implemented a contextual recruitment function into our applicant tracking system so we can better understand the context in which a candidate’s experiences have been achieved. From this data, the recruitment team can see if a candidates application has been disadvantaged in some way. As a firm, we feel that it’s important we do everything we can to understand a person’s achievements in the context of challenged the may have faced.