As a British born woman born to Pakistani immigrants, I was the first to attend university in my family. This was a huge and difficult decision. The challenges I faced were largely cultural in that my family and the surrounding community held certain values about how women should not further their education. I was not prepared to adopt these values and pushed hard to change these views.

I have since qualified as a Solicitor in the Court of Protection Department, making a huge impact on vulnerable clients.

I was state school educated and worked hard to follow my passion. Whilst at Leeds Metropolitan University, I worked part-time to support myself and then secured a full-time non fee-earning role at Pannone LLP, Manchester. This role gave me the opportunity to build relationships with the Partners in the Department. I studied my LPC part-time whilst working full-time for two years which was challenging. I later applied for a training contract at Pannone LLP and despite the high number of “Oxbridge” candidates, I was successful. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had and would like to inspire and help other people. I am equally proud of my working class roots and feel that more needs to be done to make the legal sector increasingly diverse. My advice will always be to work hard and take full advantage of your opportunities. Remain true to yourself and be proud that you have worked hard, if not harder, to succeed and achieve. Turn away from those who perceive you do not belong and forge your own path through a combination of hard work and education.

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