I am born and raised in a small town in Estonia. I grew up in a single parent household and attended a state school, my siblings and I were eligible for free meals. At the age of 17, I applied and won a full scholarship to complete A-levels in the UK.

During University I was not eligible for a maintenance loan from the UK as I had not been in the country long enough. As my mother could not afford to support me I had to work almost full-time throughout my undergraduate degree as well as the LPC to pay for my living costs. After completing the LPC, I worked in different law firms for a few years as a paralegal before joining Irwin Mitchell as a Trainee in August 2022.

As a foreign national from a lower socioeconomic background, finding my feet in the UK not to mention in a law career was very difficult. I often felt I had no support around me and no one to turn to for advice. I want to help others who may be in a similar position and ensure that no one else has to be in the same position I was in.

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