My Law Firm


I studied Law at the University of York and qualified into the Tax department at Travers in 2021. I’ve had a very busy start to qualified life, working on a number of complex and exciting deals which have been both immensely interesting and have helped me to develop my skills. I have been extremely lucky to get such a varied work diet and to be one of the few who genuinely love what they do for a living. This is undoubtedly aided by the extremely supportive, collaborative and encouraging culture at Travers. That being said, I appreciate this isn’t the case for many of those pursuing a career in Law or just the City in general, especially for those who, like me, do not fit the stereotypical mould of the “City lawyer”, and there have been a number of occasions where I have felt completely out of place. Notwithstanding many efforts to encourage those still in education to consider a legal career, there is clearly still so much more that we need to do so that everyone feels like there is a seat at the table for them irrespective of their background.

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