My diversity networks


I am a law graduate from King’s College London who has mostly worked part-time as a private tutor in between my studies. I was born and raised in the UK in a Middle-eastern household and spent two years living in Jordan to learn the Arabic language. I studied English, Politics and Law at A-levels and these subjects facilitated my transition into working as an English tutor. Aside from tuition, I have spent considerable time working at Amazon as a warehouse worker as well as a Yodel parcel delivery driver. Although these jobs are very different from the career path I have chosen, they played a key role in opening my eyes to different industries and experiences. During my time at Amazon, I enjoyed feeling of accomplishment that accompanies physical labour. As I worked the night shift, myself and my coworkers would chat for the whole night about anything and everything to pass the time and from this I got to become friends with people I may otherwise never have met. My time as a parcel delivery driver was equally important but for the opposite reason. I would spend hours alone in my car delivery packages and I learned how to pass the time and enjoy my own company. I ultimately chose a career in law as I feel my personal strengths such as communication and negotiation will be beneficial in a legal career and this area will help me develop these skills. I also see it as a career which facilitates positive change in society and this is something I am keen to be a part of.

As someone who tutors children from all different backgrounds and upbringings, I have seen first hand the importance of diversity even from a young age. Different backgrounds bring different ideas and perspective into the classroom and later in life, the workplace. In an increasingly globalised world, the legal field is seeing a much higher percentage of its work becoming international. Clients from other countries will be keen to work with firms which they feel represented by in every way and thus from a business stand-point, diversity is essential. Not only does diversity benefit the workplace, but it also encourages those from ethnic minority backgrounds to apply for careers which traditionally have not been less accessible to them. This is extremely important for society as a whole to become more equal for all.

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