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I am a newly qualified solicitor and have worked at my current firm for five years, working as a paralegal and trainee solicitor before qualifying in the IP & Media team.  My day to day work mostly consists of protecting the reputations of both individuals and companies across all sectors.  I regularly work on matters relating to privacy, confidentiality, defamation and harassment, and matters involving contentious data protection issues.  I regularly advise clients on pre-publication injunctive relief, have successfully prevented publication and/or broadcast of private and/or false allegations, and have worked on matters involving removal of content from online.  I also advise clients on advertisement issues and contentious intellectual property disputes.

I was born in Albania and moved to the UK as a 9 year old.  I have lived in and went to a state school in South London, where I grew up with people belonging to many diverse communities, ethnicities and religions.  This taught me that we can all learn from each others’ cultures and experiences in order to make us better rounded individuals.  I am not from a background that typically goes on to practice law in the city, so therefore, I passionately believe that everyone should be empowered to be our unique selves at work and it’s only right that, at all levels, the legal profession reflects the makeup of our society.

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