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After graduating from the University of Nottingham and then completing my GDL, I set about trying to get a wide range of work experience. Initially, I worked as a Paralegal for a small London based firm in their Civil Disputes team, then I was an Assistant for an Insolvency Practitioner before going onto work for the University of Oxford’s Privacy Team. Following my experience in litigation, restructuring, bankruptcy and data protection, I secured as an in-house Legal Advisor at a world- leading Fintech which, combined with my passion for commercial technology, lead me to receive a training contract offer. I couldn’t be more excited to start in September 2021.

It took many sleepless nights and set backs and determination to get my dream offer but throughout my experience, I have felt incredibly supported, inspired and driven by the teams I have worked with. Currently, I am a mentor for disadvantaged school children who aspire to be lawyers.  It could not be more clear to me how talented these young people are. By helping them realise their potential and achieve their ambitions, it has shown me first hand the benefits of diversity and inclusion. By improving diversity in the legal sector, firms will have access to a more diverse range of talent than ever before. There should be no barriers to each aspiring lawyer achieving their dream.

Additionally, I sit on the global Women’s diversity board. Despite the huge progress , women still face significant inequality and gender-bias everyday. Being able to shape the conversation and learn from the experiences faced by women across a global company, in many cultures, confirms that there is still a long way to go, and many difficult and challenging conversations to be had. But, I’m excited to be part of that change.

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