I have been a Partner in the Insurance Group in the London office of RPC since 2015.
I am the first generation from my family to attend university and the first lawyer in my family.
As the fifth child of parents from a low income family growing up in Dagenham, I faced numerous hurdles and setbacks along the way to pursuing my dream to become a city solicitor. However, I was fortunate to have a family that backed my ambition and had unrelenting belief that I would achieve my goal.
After graduating from Durham University in 2005, I went on to do my LPC at The College of Law in London. After failing to secure a training contract, I initially funded myself through law school through a bank loan, but was fortunate enough to get a training contract with Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (“RPC”). Before starting my training contract, I spent a year working in-house at a commodities trading firm, Noble Group, in Hong Kong and travelling around Asia.
The training contract at RPC gave me a huge amount of experience and responsibility right from the start, which I did not expect working in a city law firm. I qualified in 2009 into the Professional and Financial Risks team and was made a Partner in 2015. A career highlight was being recognised in The Lawyer’s Hot 100 in 2016.
I have now been at RPC for almost 12 years and I genuinely love the work I do and the people I work with.

I am passionate about young people having a level playing field to achieve their goals. In 2007, I co-founded a careers guidance programme in Dagenham called Limitless London and have been fortunate enough (with the support of RPC) to work with hundreds of ambitious and talented students in Dagenham over the last 12 years, helping them to work towards their own goals and to aim high.

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