I made the leap into law following a science undergrad degree and several years navigating the working world.

Being considered “neurodiverse” I applied for open evenings/vacation schemes at several firms that championed diversity, wanting to work at a firm that appreciated me forĀ  who I was without having to pretend to be something I wasn’t for the remainder of my career. However, during various interactions with said firms I soon realised that some firms were better champions than others. (Not all champions are created equally!) I applied to RPC because I had heard how great/friendly the people were. During my assessment day I noticed many posters around the building promoting various diversity-orientated initiatives and events. I discussed how positive this was to see during the interview stage of my assessment – it was clear the firm really cared about diversity beyond the “two ticks” checkbox approach favoured by some other City firms.

Law firms that don’t value diversity are missing out on brilliant minds, novel ways of thinking and refreshing perspectives. Increasing diversity within the profession is essential and there is still a long way to go, but hopefully together we can help it move in the right direction!

To quote Emma West, “Law is an interesting and rewarding career that should be open to all.”

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