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Just by way of a quick background. I’m from London and I studied History as my undergraduate degree at Keele University. Following my graduation in 2019, I completed my GDL and LPC/LLM at BPP University. Being a non-law graduate, I was not aware of the Vacation Scheme or Training Contract route until I started at BPP! I was very fortunate to get a vacation scheme offer from Mayer Brown in 2022 from which I received my Training Contract. I started my TC in February 2024. 

In order to support myself through education, I worked a variety of retail jobs: a make-up artist at MAC, a No7 specialist, counter manager at Smashbox, and even as a customer assistant/supervisor at Morrisons! After finishing my education, I really struggled to get paralegal jobs – there were many rejections! I thought outside the box and started working at the Home Officer as a Presenting Officer within UKVI which was really great adversarial and advocacy experience. I did this for just under 2 years prior to starting my TC. 

Diversity is incredibly important to me as I am first-generation immigrant: I was the first person in my immediate (and extended) family to go to university and to pursue a career in law. As mentioned, I had no legal experience or connections which did hinder me at points. Also, being a British-Indian woman in the legal world can be very daunting! However, through Aspiring Solicitors, I began to see these as strengths and things that set me apart from others in a good way. The support that AS has provided has been invaluable and I am very excited to be able to repay this back to others so please feel free to get in touch!

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