My Law Firm


My background was in media, where over time, I discovered that I wanted to get into law for a number of different reasons. However, with no network or background in this area, I believed that a change of career would be extremely difficult.

It was through Aspiring Solicitors’ continued support and network that I was able to obtain a training contract. Everything from a tailored mentoring scheme, to advice on my applications and participation in the Commercial Awareness Competition, helped bolster my confidence and skills. Aspiring Solicitors not only personally helped me understand how I could add value to law firms through my experiences, but provided a platform for which to demonstrate my potential to law firms via bespoke law events and of course the competition.

Diversity is incredibly important to me. In a globalised world, diversity of thought, experience and talent is crucial for success. It is absolutely fundamental that students do not feel afraid about who they are or applying for positions where they are underrepresented. That underrepresentation is not driven by lack of talent or skill, but derives from underlying issues that the industry is now conscious of and is actively tackling. I am a very strong advocate of diversity and would be happy to help anyone in any way I can.

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