Want to convert your Vacation Scheme into a Training Contract? Join our unique interactive series of workshops tailored to help AS members convert their vacation scheme(s) into a training contract. The programme is written and hosted by AS’ expert coaching team, consisting of former graduate recruitment managers, professional coaches and partners who will tell you how they made a positive impression, both personally and professionally, on their successful vacation schemes.

Crucially, these workshops have been adapted to incorporate insights from hundreds of AS Members who completed previous Headstart virtual schemes. Our advice therefore is catered specifically to the virtual assessment processes of law firms, including networking and best practice when it comes to technology.

When will the Winter Headstart sessions run?

The Winter sessions will take place on 22 November and 28 November, please book your place by completing the Google form.


Aspiring Solicitors members (from at least one of our underrepresented groups listed below) who have secured a vacation scheme taking place in Easter 2023 and Summer 2023 at an AS partner firm.

  • Socially mobile (given this is not a defined characteristic in the Equalities Act 2010, there are multiple variations of this meaning but Aspiring Solicitors considers this to include (but not limited to) candidates who (i) were eligible for free school meals or pupil premium aged 11-16 due to financial limitations (ii) state school comprehensive educated and first generation of their family to attend university (iii) spent time in local authority care (iv) came to this country as a refugee)
  • Black, asian or minority ethnic
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disabled or who have a neurodiverse or long term health condition

Sign up deadline

Places are offered on a rolling basis as members secure Vacation Scheme opportunities.

Remember – you must have secured a vacation scheme in order to sign up and participate.

Mary’s success story
"I used to view my differences negatively"
Mayer Brown
Future Trainee