Currently, I am a first seat trainee in the Financial Services Legal team at PwC, having joined in September 2020. I graduated, with a law degree, from Queen Mary University of London in 2019 and in the summer of my final year I did my Vacation Scheme with the firm. Throughout my whole degree I have volunteered at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre, becoming a student advisor in my final year. I was also a mentor for first year law students in our buddy scheme.

As a person whose first language is not English and who grew up in a different country, finding a firm that focuses on diversity was always a priority for me. I am also a first person in my family to study law and only a second one to achieve proper university education. Having no legal background or any connections, I have experienced first hand how overwhelming seeking a training contract can become. I remember attending as many law fairs, open days and legal workshops as I possibly could. My journey has made me realize that if one works hard and focuses on their goals, they can really achieve anything. Even secure a training contract!

Diversity in a legal profession for me is about making everyone feel welcome and widening opportunities, without ever judging someone’s background. I really hope that by working with Aspiring Solicitors I can provide some practical advice to students facing similar struggles to mine and encourage them to make the most of the opportunities available.

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