My diversity networks


Although I was born and raised in north-east London, I am proudly Nigerian. At a young age, I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer but knew that I’d have to work hard academically to achieve this. I studied Law (with European and International Studies) at University of Sheffield, where I was guaranteed a year abroad from a choice of global partner universities. I spent my year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I immersed in a new culture, developed treasured friendships and a strong community outside of the UK, and was able to view law through a unique international lens. I came back to the UK freshly invigorated to apply to a law firm that had strong international links. Travers Smith stood out to me because of its network of global best-friend partner firms. After accepting the Trainee role with Travers, I was offered a Paralegal Role in the Corporate Department in the interim and was able to develop my legal skills for a year and a half before the start of my Training Contract.

Black lawyers only make up 3% of the industry population so I am painfully aware of the difficulties in breaking the glass ceiling for entry into law firms as a black female. My breakthrough in having successful applications came only with networking with others in the industry who taught me how to write good cover letters and provided me with useful interview tips. I am an AS mentor because I want to provide this help for others wanting to breakthrough too.

As a mentor, students are encouraged to email, call or even message me on LinkedIn for help with their applications. I am open to looking over cover letters, providing commercial awareness tips and even some interview technique if requested.

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