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My route into commercial law has been far from routine. Having attended a state school, leaving with average GCSE’s, I immediately began work in a variety of roles within various retail establishments. At the age of 21, I applied to and joined the Police, where I enjoyed a successful 13-year career working predominantly as a Detective investigating Serious and Complex Crime.

Choosing to pursue an alternative career, I studied for A-Level equivalent qualifications in the evenings after work and received an offer to study at the London School of Economics where I completed my degree in law. By drawing upon my interest in business and demonstrating the transferrable skills I had developed in my previous career, I was successful in securing a training contract with Freshfields having previously completed the Aspiring Solicitors Freshfields START Scheme.

Given the nature of commercial law, where you are often approached with problems that require first-in-kind solutions, lawyers must provide a first-class response. Thus, the importance of diversity within the legal sector cannot be understated, where the best solutions are undoubtedly derived from a collaborative approach of those with varied backgrounds.

Hailing from an underrepresented background within the sector, I want to champion all strands of diversity, acting as a role model to those who wish to pursue a career within commercial law who may feel isolated during the application process. Together, we can all make a meaningful difference within the industry.

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