I was state school educated in northeast Essex and, much to my surprise, got a place to study at Oxford University. I qualified for a full bursary throughout my time at Oxford.

I did not study Law at university, and I am very grateful for, and have very much enjoyed, each of the opportunities that have led to me being a lawyer. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I had no contact with anyone in the legal profession, and I had no idea what options and opportunities were available in Law. I am very happy to speak with and answer questions of those who may be interested in a career in Law, as I believe the profession offers a fantastic breadth of engaging work for those with an analytical mind and an interest in communication.

Since qualifying as a solicitor, my practice has developed to include both civil and criminal law. I am an associate within the white collar element of Dechert’s Trial Investigations and Securities practice, which involves advising individuals, corporate entities and trusts on matters relating to corruption, fraud and financial regulation. Prior to joining Dechert, I trained and served as an associate in the dispute resolution practice of another international US law firm, working primarily on commercial litigation and civil fraud matters.

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