I went to a state comprehensive school in South London. I was the first in my family to go to university (I studied English Literature at Leeds University).  I am a second-generation migrant: my mother and father came over to the UK from the Philippines and Kenya respectively.

We didn’t know anyone who had a professional career, and I received no career guidance or support during my education. My path to becoming a lawyer was a result of luck and circumstance.  In a Summer job, I met a couple of people who encouraged me to think about becoming a lawyer- I would never have considered it otherwise.

I am an AS mentor as I am very passionate about ensuring that people from all backgrounds have access to legal careers.  We can all benefit from advice, guidance and support throughout our careers, but it is especially important when you are starting out. Students can email me or contact me on LinkedIn, and I am open to having calls with mentees to discuss their plans and ambitions.

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