My diversity networks


Originally from Germany, but having mainly grown up in the South East, I first figured out that I wanted to be a lawyer when I was at university. I had the pleasure of doing History at Durham and it took me until my third year to a) figure out what some of the jobs in the city actually are and b) figure out that I wanted to do Law. I think it becomes an easier decision once you realise what lawyers actually do and how varied a training contract can be!

I was lucky to have great people talk me through what a career in the city and in law looks like, explain what lawyers actually do and talk through the painful nature of the recruitment process. That helped me relax when rejections came in and on my vac scheme. Getting a job in law can be so stressful for lots of people and I think I want to help people in such a way so as to remove some of that stress. Whilst I might have less experiential wisdom that I can offer, I’d like to think that I can make the application journey a little easier by “pulling back the curtain” a little bit.

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