Having experienced difficulties organising my ideas when writing essays, I was referred to a learning needs specialist whilst at university. I was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia. This was a revelation to me but explained several problems I had encountered at school and university which I (and my teachers) hadn’t been able to explain.

I was anxious that my learning difficulty would hinder my ability to have a career in the law. No one in my family is a lawyer and I felt daunted by the prospect of entering a highly competitive and – seemingly – closed profession.

I was fortunate to discover that my fears were misplaced. Herbert Smith Freehills have been supportive of my learning difficulty, both during the application process and since I have joined the firm. I am now part of an internal network which seeks to raise awareness about disability, and I also mentor colleagues who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health.

Working at a city law firm can be challenging but it is also highly rewarding, provided you receive the right support. I would be very happy to talk to anyone who shares some of the concerns which I had when considering a career in the law.

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