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I began my Training Contract at DWF in Manchester in 2018 after studying Law at Lancaster University and taking the LPC. I am in my final seat and have so far gained experience in Commercial Insurance, Commercial Litigation and Banking, as well as completing a secondment.

I was state school educated in Northern Ireland, having studied History, English Literature and Geography at A-Level, achieving grades A*AA. I chose to study Law at university and initially found it difficult, which made me apprehensive about pursuing a legal career. However, once I got over the initial shock of first year, I began to enjoy my degree more and achieved good grades which made me more confident in my career choice.

When I started university, apart from my part-time job and a few things I had done through school, I had relatively no extra-curricular activities to evidence on my CV. I knew that if I were to succeed in securing a graduate job I needed to be more proactive, step out of my comfort zone, and get involved, which is exactly what I did. I also attended a variety of events to expand my knowledge of the legal profession in preparation for applying to vacation schemes in my second year. One such event was an AS Springboard Summer School in Manchester in 2015, where I first met Chris White and Aspiring Solicitors.

I worked with Aspiring Solicitors throughout the application process by booking weekly appointments, which were instrumental in helping me secure a vacation scheme. They not only advised me throughout the recruitment process, but also massively increased my confidence by encouraging me to believe in my own ability. In total, I attended three assessment centres and received three vacation scheme offers. Over Easter 2016 I participated in DWF’s Vacation Scheme and, after succeeding in a final round assessment, received an offer for a Training Contract, which I accepted.

As well as going through the recruitment process myself, I subsequently mentored someone via Aspiring Solicitors which has given me an understanding of how much hard work and dedication is required to secure a Training Contract. I would be happy to assist anyone who has any concerns or questions, so please do not hesitate to message me as I am more than willing to help.

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