My diversity networks


I attended the University of Leicester and studied law with a year abroad, spending one year in Hong Kong. I had completed one vacation scheme and one legal analyst scheme in 2020, and unfortunately was unsuccessful in securing a training contract. I completed a few legal internships and legal adjacent roles until I secured a training contract with Travers Smith in 2022.

I am an AS Mentor because I want to be able to pay all the help and support, I have received over the years, forward. I have experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to break into the legal industry, and I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience to others so that they do not experience the same difficulties I did, or to the same extent that I have. I want to empower others to pursue the career paths that they wish to take without fear or self-doubt.

I am happy to provide support in all facets, students can, email me, set up calls, add me on LinkedIn, and ask for advice on things such as email etiquette, commercial awareness etc.

I have previously been part of, or received support from:

  • AS Aspire candidate.
  • AS Virtual Diversity Law Firm.
  • Legal mentorship.
  • Mentorship scheme with partner firms such as AstraZeneca and Paul Hastings.
  • Mock Interviews.
  • Application Reviews.
  • Springboard schemes.

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