I was raised in South Africa by a suddenly single mother of 3 children with unknown debt and no financial support. We spent the more difficult times of my upbringing apart, between homes of relatives and friends or in small apartments. I am the first person in my family to hold a university degree and work in a professional career. I was fortunate enough to have a hardworking and heroic mother who worked 2 jobs and got me and my siblings into good schools on scholarships, sponsorships and bursaries. This held all the way through my university degree. I also worked several jobs during university to cover the cost of transport to university, food and books.

I know how daunting and overwhelming it is to try and access (and feel like you can fit into) a world you have no idea about and have no immediate reference to. I also know how overcoming those challenges and actually finding your way into this field can make such an incredible impact on people’s personal lives but also on the teams and firms you work for by offering a fresh and unique perspective. I had such incredible mentors growing up and playing any part in supporting those in similar positions would mean the world.

Please contact me via any of the following: email, set up calls, LinkedIn.

I didn’t receive support from AS, as I was in South Africa, however I had the benefit of incredible mentors growing up and owe so much of who and where I am to those people.

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