I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved in my career to date. Neither of my parents were educated and I attended a non-selective state school. I was self—funded throughout university and the LPC. As a senior Business Services Professional who spent time in a fee earner capacity earlier in my career, I believe I can help to advise and give perspective on the various career options on offer within modern law firms, particularly as I have enjoyed an interesting and circuitous route to the role I hold today, namely Chief Administrative Officer, with global responsibility for Administration at Dechert.

I am an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion and support volunteer projects, both at the firm and in my personal time. Also, I have spent many years as a sports coach, focussing predominantly on football. I see many parallels between sports coaching and management, including how to motivate people and why it is so important to be able to adjust your management style to reflect the various personalities with whom you have to interact.

I truly believe that Dechert is a great place to work (and not just because of our recent accreditation). I value the opportunity to work with, and learn from, such talented individuals on a daily basis. We have a culture built on the foundation of respect and valuing each other’s contributions. This is the kind of firm where people are conscientious, take pride in their work and show appreciation, and those in management positions here understand the importance of growing their people. Real leadership is developing others.

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