I am currently a paralegal and future trainee solicitor at DLA Piper. I previously completed a law degree at the University of Liverpool and I am due to start my LPC at the University of Law in September 2019 and my training contract at DLA Piper in September 2020.

I worked with Aspiring Solicitors as a Campus Ambassador at the University of Liverpool and this is when I started to use the tools and support AS provides. Aspiring Solicitors has helped me to refine my applications to law firms in order to secure vacation schemes and once secured, help me to turn the vacation scheme into a training contract during the Springboard Program. These were invaluable experiences which were a huge part of my success in securing my training contract at DLA Piper.

I think diversity is slowly being combated by law firms, however there is still a long way to go. I understand from personal experiences what it is like to be a woman applying to an international law firm, as well as using my accent as a strength rather than a weakness. I am very keen to share my experiences and to help those who are embarking on their legal career.

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