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<span>Who</span> are Aspiring Solicitors?

Who are Aspiring Solicitors?

We are the leading legal diversity organisation in the UK, with a pool of over 45,000 registered members, increasing by 10,000-12,500 every year.

We are a legal talent discovery & development platform focused solely on the legal profession working with 40 of the largest law firms and in-house corporates in the UK.

We have a unique geographic reach across and throughout the UK which helps us to identify and assist aspiring solicitors with the most talent and potential.

<span>We</span> are driven by results

We are driven by results

Our results speak for themselves. In 2018/19, we helped our members secure 577 vacation scheme offers and 322 training contract offers

Our members were 9 times more likely to secure vacation schemes with our partner law firms than those who do not work with Aspiring Solicitors

Our members were 8 times more likely to secure training contract offers with our partner law firms than those who don\t work with Aspiring Solicitors

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