I am currently a Trainee Solicitor at DWF, after achieving a First-Class Law degree from the University of Westminster. As a black woman from a working-class background, increasing diverse talent within the legal profession is important to me; as I am the bridge that connects the known and the unknown by providing insight and knowledge that I have because of my experiences. Therefore, I believe it is my duty to inform others of the challenges I have faced along my journey, and how to overcome them by sharing the tools I have used to achieve my goals. These tools include how I approached applications, interview preparation and building resilience when faced with rejection.

My lack of legal connections and knowledge of the legal sector made it challenging to navigate my path. However, through mentorship and guidance from individuals within the legal field, I am where I am today. Accordingly, my desire is to alleviate some of that uncertainty and close the gap for others. I am aware of the fortunate position that I am in, and I feel compelled to be part of a community that strives to promote and encourage people from diverse backgrounds to join the legal industry.

As an ambassador, I am keen to share insight into my firm, whose vision I equally share, in creating a working environment and culture where various backgrounds can contribute at their highest level and where their differences have a positive impact.

Diversity is vital in the legal profession, as it relies on innovation and forward-thinking, which is derived from people. Ultimately, I believe that diversifying the legal sector results in an increase of creative thought and drives the legal profession towards an innovative future.

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