I grew up in East London, a first and second generation immigrant to Irish and Iranian parents. I attended a state school in Essex, before continuing my education at the University of Leicester, studying a LLB in Law with Politics, then going onto the University of Edinburgh to study a LLM in International Human Rights Law.

My professional career effectively began when I started work as a paralegal, first working in-house at the European Head Quarters for Samsung Electronics, then working as a paralegal with Covington & Burling LLP and CMS. I am now a trainee at Edwin Coe LLP.

I believe diversity is essential to any profession, as the best results will not be yielded if working within an echo chamber of the equally privileged. That being the case, the best way of ensuring genuine diversity in ideas and approaches, is by drawing upon a genuinely diverse workforce. However, there are clearly obstacles standing in the way of those who might bring that genuine diversity.

I have joined Aspiring Solicitors because I feel I have experienced those hurdles. I am from a low income family, attended a state school and am the first generation in my family to go to university. I did not have professional contacts or family members I could ask for help from, and this was something I struggled with when I surrounded by peers who did.

I would be happy to provide help or guidance to anyone trying to break into the profession, who is currently experiencing their own hurdles, as the profession continues to work towards genuine diversity.

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