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I am a fourth-year Apprentice Solicitor at DWF Law LLP, currently sitting in Data Protection & Cyber Security. I completed the Paralegal Apprenticeship in 2021 before progressing to the Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship (via BPP University). Prior to this, I attended state school and sixth form in Lancashire.

As the first generation of my family to study at further or higher education level, I struggled to envisage myself pursuing a career in law as I lacked confidence and simply thought I was not the type of person who would “fit in” to how I imagined a law firm to be. I remember receiving some early careers advice that made me think that the legal sector was not really open to somebody from my background. However, I learnt about legal apprenticeships through online research into opportunities besides university and attended an open day at DWF to learn more. The event opened by eyes to how DWF (and the wider legal sector) is focused on diversity, inclusion and social mobility, and emphasised the importance of being your authentic self. I am now proud to work in a legal business which values and encourages diversity, and to say that my initial perception of the legal sector was very wrong!

Supporting others from backgrounds like mine is important to me. I feel that people should be recognised for their talent and skill, not who they know or where they are from. I am sure that without  working with the mentors that have pushed me in the right direction and given me confidence in myself throughout my apprenticeship, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

I am happy to answer any questions about DWF, the application process, and/or my apprenticeship experience more generally – please get in touch.   

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