My diversity networks


When I left school at 18 I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I knew I would continue to pursue my education once I discovered what suited me.  I trained and worked as a secretary which gave me great insight into a number of professions plus direct exposure to senior leaders.  After considering surveying, risk, learning & development, IT, and banking I discovered law and like it.  I didn’t have  A-levels or a degree so I embarked on the Legal Executive route to qualification.  It took several years of working full time and studying in my spare time but it was manageable, cost effective and worthwhile and in 2005 I qualified as a solicitor.  With hard work and a focus on personal development I truly believe anything is possible.  I’m now a Legal Director in Barclays and my personal development journey continues with a focus on leadership skills.   The prioritisation skills I needed to survive the work/study stage of my legal career are now being put to full use as I balance parental responsibilities with a rewarding career.

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