I am a Trainee Solicitor at Stephenson Harwood, and commenced by training contract in March 2023. I was educated at a state school in Hertfordshire, before moving to a non-Russell Group university to study a non-law degree, working part-time alongside my studies. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I took the plunge to study the GDL at the University of Law without securing a training contract, determined to not allow financial barriers prevent my access into the profession. Whilst studying the GDL, I attended a Vacation Scheme at Stephenson Harwood before being offered, and accepting, a training contract with the firm. I completed the Fast-Track LPC at BPP Holborn.

Being from a state school background, I had always perceived a career as a lawyer as out of my reach and something that was almost unachievable. However, during my studies at university, I began to increase my interest in the industry, until I cemented that this was the career I wanted to pursue. AS helped me during this period, allowing me to connect with legal professionals who had completed the journey I wanted to take and who came from a similar background to myself. As a result, I was able to make connections with prominent lawyers and gather vital information that I otherwise would not have had access too. I would like to be able to provide the same advice to those currently looking to break into the industry.

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