I trained and qualified as a corporate solicitor with PwC in March 2011, working on international business reorganisations, M&A and general corporate advisory. I left PwC in 2013 to work at Linklaters in Hong Kong and London, I then returned to PwC in 2018 to focus on international business reorganisations.

My undergraduate degree was Japanese and Economics and Leeds University, but I decided to pursue a career in law after enjoying a module at university and some local work experience, so undertook my GDL / LPC and completed my training contract with PwC.

I am from a deprived area of the country, state educated, the first in my low income family to attend university, and did not follow a traditional law degree route. I believe that all the aforementioned makes me a very well-rounded solicitor and encourage people from all walks of life to explore a career in law if you have a passion for it. It is important for the profession to have a broad range of perspectives and experiences to allow the profession to grow and evolve with the changing times in which we live. Diversity in the profession is key for its evolution and progression.

When I decided to pursue a career in law all the options and requirements seemed daunting, but I persevered, remained resilient in the face of rejection, and would encourage any aspiring solicitor to do the same – if I can help in that regard I would be delighted to do so.

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