My diversity networks


Growing up in the North East of England, my siblings and I were the only black students in our primary school and one of only a handful of black students in our secondary school. As a result, I have always been very aware from a young age that I was different – whether this was because my afro hair shrunk during school swimming lessons or because new teachers would always nervously mispronounce my name when taking the register.

Whilst I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrance and diversity of London when I moved aged 17 to study law at the London School of Economics, being part of an underrepresented group has been a continuing theme throughout my whole education, law internships and career so far. For all students from underrepresented groups, it can be difficult to feel that you don’t “fit in” whilst trying to adapt to a new environment. When approaching a new degree, internship or job, it’s important to remember that even senior business leaders and partners are faced with unfamiliar and daunting situations where they feel out of place or out of their depth. The key thing is to be yourself and bring your unique characteristics to your role.

I’m currently an associate in the M&A/private equity team at White & Case LLP. I intentionally chose a diverse firm that was international in both culture, outlook and its client base. It was important to me to work at a firm which represented my identity, values and areas of interest. For example, as a dual Nigerian and British citizens, I have enjoyed working on both African and European M&A transactions. I look forward to working with Aspiring Solicitors to advise and encourage others who may feel that they don’t “fit in” to the legal profession.

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