Living with parents of Indian origin alongside receiving a British education has enabled me to explore different cultures and ways of life. After my paternal grandparents moved to the UK from India to seek employment in manual labour, better financial standing meant we were able to form the family’s motor trade business. This later enabled my family to afford the costs in relation to education. I became the first in my generation to go to university and completed a BSc in Politics and International Relations at the Univeristy of Bristol in July 2019. This was considered one of our family’s greatest achievements with my grandad initially settling in the UK with just £3.

After taking a year out, I worked as a Paralegal in the Professional Regulatory team at Blake Morgan LLP. This was my first experience of working in the legal sector alongside a team in which the majority completed studies in law. Although the idea was initially daunting, the experience provided me with an opportunity to explore the legal sector first-hand as well as gain pockets of knowledge within the industry.

I developed an interest in professional regulatory law and was later promoted to a Case Manager. I am now in the process of applying for vocational training contracts in order to utilise my qualifying work experience. This will enable me to become a professional regulatory solicitor through the new SQE route.

I would be happy to share my advice and experiences with those with non law degrees wanting to explore the legal sector and highlight the benefits of the broader SQE route.

Diversity in the legal profession is vital and I want to enable those who wish to explore and succeed within the legal section regardless of their non-legal background.

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