I am currently a first-seat trainee in the Pensions team at PwC. I studied my LPC at the University of Law (Moorgate) and my law degree at the University of Cambridge, after coming abroad from Toronto, Canada (where I’m from). As an openly gay first generation lawyer, I understand the intimidating nature of trying to enter this career. From the outside looking in, I remember feeling like a career in law was an unattainable prospect meant for a certain type of person that was not me. As I continue to progress through my career in law, I have learned that this could not be farther from the truth. Unfortunately, this is not true for the entirety of the legal profession. However, I’ve learned that there are places in law where differences are celebrated, uniqueness is congratulated and hard-work is respected. Aspiring Solicitors is one of those places. I’m so proud to be a Professional Ambassador with Aspiring Solicitors because diversity is of monumental importance in the legal profession – if it weren’t, myself (and many others) would not be here.

I’d be happy to offer my own experiences and advice to anyone looking to enter the legal profession. Please get in touch if you want to talk in any capacity, whether it be about access, commercial awareness, or general application inquiries!

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