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I am currently a third seat trainee at Bristows currently sitting in the Competition team (having sat in Patent Litigation and Corporate, Tax and Employment).

Prior to starting my career in law, I attended Hampton School. I come from a low income background in a single parent household and this meant that I qualified for, and subsequently obtained, a full bursary to attend Hampton. I have done a number of interviews with the school detailing how life-changing this was, including the fact that I would not have been able to attend University, or secure a training contract, without this financial assistance. I also intend to promote the bursary fund (the Fitzwygram Foundation) in any way that I can (financially and otherwise) as I progress in my career.

I was also fortunate enough to study Biochemistry at the University of Bath with the assistance of the Francon Trust (this provides financial support for school examination high achievers but limited financial resources, from London, to attend first degree courses in subjects related to careers in accountancy, medicine, engineering and similar professions).

I am therefore exceedingly passionate about increasing diversity in and access to the legal profession. I am a firm believer that we need to minimise the current barriers to entry to the legal profession that exist to those who are hindered by, amongst other things, their social background. I would be delighted to assist with the programme in any way that I can.

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